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Managing Director: Jodie Campbell

Hand back the rental property in an intact condition, otherwise the landlord has the right to deduct some amount of your deposit, not to mention the whole of it. It is even arranged in the contract that you need to provide professional sanitation of the rental property. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of that fact and get into big troubles. That’s why we have established our company and we have versed our competence in end of tenancy cleaning services, which are available throughout Richmond.

The final cleaning of the rental flat requires sanitation of every nook and disinfection of areas with higher duty. To achieve this by yourself, you need to set aside at east a week to scrub and the results are dubious.

With us, you risk not even a penny of your bond and we back up our words with actions and guarantee. We have accomplished all the cleaning projects with absolute success and full bond refund. That’s what have earned us the highest appraisal of our customers.

Our end of tenancy cleaning services are at the disposal of both landlords and tenants in Richmond. We work with cutting-edge technologies, which will leave the property in spick and span condition. You don’t need to supply not even a cloth, because we have totally everything, without charging you extra for this.

Of course only instruments are nothing if there is a lack of talent. All of our cleaning experts are selected for their unbeatable competence in the cleaning and their initiative spirit. They are enthusiastic about their job and understand the seriousness of the remarkable results. They know that your money depends on their job and that’s why they invest all of their diligence. Your ex-rental place will be in excellent condition, without even a trail of your occupancy.

Talk to our friendly operators and book our ultimate end of tenancy cleaning services in Richmond. We operate around the whole week, including bank holidays and weekends. Our pricing system is complied in a way, that our rates are inexpensive than your deposit.

The sanitation of the old rental place was arranged in the agreement. It was our responsibility and we needed professional help to manage with everything just on time. That’s why we booked your end of tenancy cleaning services and your cleaners did fantastic job. We passed the inventory inspection and got back our deposit! – Anna